~/ Repo Stats from the command line

Did you know?! You can see github-style commit stats from the command line.

$ git shortlog -sn | head -5

This will summarize the output of git log, sorted by number of commits per author, with only the author's name and total commits.

~/jekyll-source git:(master) git shortlog -ns | head -10
1654	Parker Moore
 409	Tom Preston-Werner
 395	Matt Rogers
 145	maul.esel
  96	Anatol Broder
  85	Nick Quaranto
  56	Coby Chapple
  51	zachgersh
  47	Kris Brown
  39	Ben Balter

It's interesting that these numbers do not correspond to the contributors tab on github - https://github.com/jekyll/jekyll/graphs/contributors Maybe shortlog includes merge commits?

I mostly run this command to boost my ego when I know I've been hard at work committing to a repository, and now you can too!

~/ Posted by Jesse Shawl on 2014-05-23