~/ Projects

  1. Colors Between

    Generate n colors between two other colors

  2. Better Express Errors

    Middleware to make expressjs errors readable.

  3. stopgap.store

    An ephemeral REST API for creating REST APIs.

  4. eval.js.org

    Evaluate and share your JavaScript. View an Example

  5. Slackbot Reminders

    Send a direct message to the bot:

    Walk the dog; at 5pm

    Everything before the ";" is the reminder. Everything after the semi-colon is when the reminder will be sent back. The complete list of available time descriptions can be found here - https://github.com/mojombo/chronic#examples

    The bot will reply with your reminder at the specified time via direct message.

  6. Gistalt

    Duncan Graham and I built a beautiful interface to create and edit GitHub gists.

  7. Restful.link

    Inspect RESTful http requests, and be notified of new requests via websockets!

  8. Updog

    UpDog is a static website host, powered by DropBox


    Bkbrnr is a place where I store all my project ideas. Some are just thoughts, others have repos and code, and a few are even deployed.

  10. Precess

    I wanted to enhance my Ruby skills by making a Sinatra app, so I built my own real-time Sass (and Less) compiler after listening to the server architecture talk on the Codepen radio.

    The application sits behind an Nginx reverse proxy to the Unicorn server. In order to compile Less, requests are made to an express app listening for compile requests.

  11. Unqueue

    My Pocket runneth over, and I needed a one click solution to mark all of the items in my queue as read. There wasn't one, so I rolled my own with the Pocket API. Check it out!

  12. Instagramap

    This was my personal playground for exploring both the Instagram and Google Maps API's. It pulls in recent photos taken in DC and pins them on a google map.

    I wanted to recreate the in-app exploratory experience of visualizing a collection of photos.