~/ Linode and The 10 Dollar Plan

Linode has recently expanded their hosting offering to include a $10 a month plan. The stats look good, and I almost binge-bought a new virtual private server, to return to my linode roots.

I used to be a linode user and evangelist until Digital Ocean popped up seemingly out of nowhere with their solid state drive and cheaper hosting options.

I decided to dig in deeper and compare the two $10 plans from each provider:

With Linode, you get 6GB fewer disk space for storage, but otherwise appear to be identical.

I'm not too concerned about network speeds. Most of my sites are static and minimally dynamic, with low (to nil) traffic.

The Verdict

I'll be keeping my Digital Ocean droplets but will keep a close eye on Linode as they continue to grow. I remember them randomly bumping specs like RAM and brandwidth throughout my subscription, which is always good news.

The Obligatory Referral Link

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~/ Posted by Jesse Shawl on 2014-06-17