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I've recently removed the /finds-links url from my site, which was a jQuery plugin powered by pocket.

This project, "The Q" has come back to life as a rails application that lets users expose links saved in their Pocket account. Check it out at http://the--q.herokuapp.com/. I might bring back the /finds-links page by collecting JSON from The Q.

I wanted to share / document my workflow for finding and saving links.

Currently, most everything goes through Pocket.

I use Feedly and Twitter as my main sources of link-based news, and both of these applications offer a "Save to Pocket" one-click solution.

But, I've become a full-time pinboard user as of late! https://pinboard.in/u:jshawl It's worth way more than the initial one-time sign up fee of ~$10, and I recommend Pinboard without hesitation. Heck, I even went for the archival account! (an additional $25 per year).

Are you on pinboard? If so let me know!

To facilitate adding links to pinboard, I've set up an IFTTT recipe that saves all new Pocket items to Pinboard and marks them "to read", Pinboard's version of Pocket's "read later".

Anything that I actually want to read later, or even just look at again for tagging purposes goes into my Pinboard unread feed.

I'm a bit worried now about saving too many links. That is, I don't want to have so many that I'm no longer able to find just the link I was looking for. However, Pinboard's full text search feature has worked for me thus far and so I'll continue saving just about everything I come across.

In the future, I'd like to allow others to write to my pinboard account and/or set up a JSON endpoint for my favorited items to display on my site. Think a smaller curated list for my site without the user having to visit pinboard.

~/ Posted by Jesse Shawl on 2014-10-27