~/ Alias Your Referral Codes

When recommending any new service like Dropbox or DigitalOcean, I send my referral codes to the potential customer in hopes that they’ll sign up, and my account will be credited accordingly.

Instead of having to look up these referral codes for each of these interactions, I’ve created a few nginx aliases to make the links easier to share.

In my domain’s nginx configuration file, I’ve added:

# /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/jshawl.com

server {
listen 80;
server_name jshawl.com;

location /do {
rewrite ^/do?$ https://www.digitalocean.com/?refcode=01b24a40b88f permanent;

location /db {
rewrite ^/db?$ https://db.tt/y3JvNpU permanent;

You can also alias fequently used urls like the jQuery cdn:

location /jq {
rewrite ^/jq?$ https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.1/jquery.min.js permanent;

The above url will even work in a script tag:

<script src='http://jshawl.com/jq' type='text/javascript'></script>

I can now share jshawl.com/do, jshawl.com/db, and jshawl.com/jq without having to lookup the actual urls.

~/ Posted by Jesse Shawl on 2015-02-21